3 Best Laptops with CD Drives 2020


Technology has changed our lives completely in the past few decades. Our forefathers still cannot fathom the fact that technology has slipped into our lives in so many different sectors and fields. From the smallest of the activities to the biggest solutions, our world today is technology dependent. The best part about technological revolution is that it seems to be continuously changing by the day. What was the newest technology yesterday is a bygone myth of today with new and exciting features coming up every day in one of the other sector. 

If you look at the era of gramophones, they were replaced by CD players. But now, everything is online and even the era of CD players is slowly diminishing. Even the CD drives in the laptops seem to have vanished with the less usage of CDs. However, there are still some laptops that come with the feature inbuilt in them. If you are looking for the best laptop with CD drive, then here is a compiled list of the same:

  • HP Notebook

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HP is a known name in the electronics industry, especially for competing with excellent and innovative laptops and tablets. This HP notebook, 15.6 inch screen is undoubtedly the best laptop with CD drive in it. It has an AMD processor and also boasts a 4GB Ram and 500GB hard drive. It has amazing looks and a balance of having some legacy and many new featured embed into it. 

  • Acer Inspire

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Well, Acer is another well-known brand in the laptop business and offers the best options in the market. Acer laptops are trusted and have a great name among users. Acer inspire E 15 also contains an embed CD drive for all the people who are still on the lookout to use a CD drive on their laptops. One of finest laptops of Acer, Inspire E 15 is a great buy in general.

  • Dell Inspiron I7

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It has been in the market for a while now. Dell Inspiron has different versions since years and now it has come up with the i7 version, which also has an inbuilt CD player in it. It has a 17-inch full HD display with amazing system configurations from Dell. Not only does it have a CD player slot but also an SD card reader, which is also one of the legacy configurations that is now almost extinct. 

Buying the right kind of laptop that has all the features you are looking for can be tricky. Some of them may have the system features but may lack in their looks or feel. It is always best to do a thorough research online for all the possible products and then go for a final one that qualifies all your requirements. If you are looking to buy the best laptop with CD drive, then you have just read the best list compiled for you

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