7 Super Computers Made by Humans

Super Computers

Every body is very much familiar with the term supercomputer presently. They work very fast, having amazing qualities and etc. Similar kind of thought every one have for super computer. and they are true. Supercomputers brought a revolution in field of technology like nuclear science, weather forecasting, extensive accounting and many more forums.

So let me bring you a list made by top experts, 7 most speedy supercomputers in the world made by mankind.

7. Fujitsu Numerical Wind Tunnel

As it was Known as the Numerical Wind Tunnel, This computer was built by Fujitsu and Japan’s National Aerospace Laboratory. It helped in weather forecasting and in airplanes and spacecrafts to smooth wind turbulence.

6. ASCI Red

Between 1997 and 2000, ASCI Red was named as the fastest supercomputer made by Man. It was a joint effort of Intel Corporation and Sandia Labs. Containing 4,510 compute nodes, 1212 gigabytes of memory and 12.5 terabytes of disk storage, It could sustained above 2 Tera FLOPS.

5. ASCI White

It was Based on an IBM`s commercial SP computer, introduced in 2000. It had 8,192 processors in total with 6 terabytes of memory and 160 terabytes of disk storage. This great supercomputer of 2000-2002 was able to compute 12.3 trillion operation in every second.

4. The Earth Simulator

Then in 2002 for Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, NEC built this supercomputer. This had 640 nodes with eight vector processors, 16 gigabytes of computer memory at each node and 10 terabytes of memory.

3. Blue Gene/L Blue Gene

By performing speeds of nearly 500 T FLOPS (Tera FLOPS), Blue Gene/L was the most speedy supercomputer from 2003 to 2008. again IBM was the manufacturer. Due to great achievement, This project was awarded The National Medal of Technology and Innovation by U.S. President Barrack Obama on September 18, 2009.

2. IBM Roadrunner

This computer hold the second most fastest supercomputer in the world with highest performance of 1.45 Peta flops in November 2008. It was also manufactured by IBM and presently located at the LosAnglas National Laboratory in New Mexico, USA.

1. Jaguar

According to TOP500 supercomputers list, Jaguar is the fastest computer present today in the whole world. It get the place by defeating IBM`s Roadrunner. The world’s fastest computer have a peak performance of more than 1750 Tera flops (1.75 Peta flops). It can perform more than 1 quadrillion calculations per second. It was manufactured by Cray and placed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge.

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